No place for words here. just for the images. They can tell you more. I captured interiors and exteriors, portraits and landscapes, cafes and trees.

I'm just happy to have such a great day. It deserves all the photos it gives.


Wedding collections among all of mine are really special. I believe I did not feel so much responsibility for any other of the projects. I generally spend a ton of time to make the weeding images so much loving and genuine as the couples feel. It's as hard as the pics of everyday love. Love is easy and hard to catch. If you are not afraid to show it, I'm not afraid catch it. I love to catch small pieces and portraits. And what do you expect to see on your wedding images?

I have a special approach before such sets - I may have a talk with and take into account all your wishes and stories. Why? I don't want to capture the surface only. I want to capture inner you. Both of you.

Something like that? Just let me know.

Copyright © Tracy Thompson
Copyright © Tracy Thompson
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